Black Leather Jacket Women

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Black Leather Jacket Women

The exclusive “Black Leather Jacket Women” made of high-quality lamb leather by designer Stefan Eckert is a timeless classic. This makes the leather jacket the perfect styling piece for any look – can be combined with both the jeans and the evening dress. Due to the noble appearance of the supple lamb leather, you can wear the jacket for elegant and relaxed occasions. In addition, the garment is equipped with a very durable, silk-like lining. As a result, the leather jacket can last a lifetime or even beyond.



Feel free to contact us for your personal customization. This service is offered exclusively in the store of Stefan Eckert in Hamburg.

In case you

● did not find your size at Stefan Eckert

● have no standard clothing size

the store team of Stefan Eckert will be pleased to help you. For further information, please contact us.




The production of all items by Stefan Eckert takes place exclusively in the in-house Hamburg Atelier. The processing techniques are based on the high art of tailoring and are executed in precise manual work.




Since founding his eponymous label in 2009, Stefan Eckert has practiced a sustainable form of business. For the Hamburg fashion entrepreneur, his vision of sustainability consists of two pillars – the responsibility towards man and nature. You can find more information under FAQ.




The majority of the leather comes from France and Germany.These are exclusively by-products or waste products of the food industry. These include lamb, deer, moose, ostrich and python.





The leather items by Stefan Eckert are designed to last a lifetime or even longer. Stefan Eckert follows his philosophy that reducing waste is one of the most important factors in preserving our planet. The process operated by Stefan Eckert is a recycling of natural materials in the best sense of the word – waste of the food industry is artfully processed into a lifelong product of the fashion industry. To this end, the proportion of vegetable tanning is further expanded from year to year. We are happy to give you more detailed information. We appreciate your interest. Contact


“Vegan leather” is a misleading term in itself. The materials may be optically leather-like, but are not comparable in terms of quality and durability with real leather. As is the durability of many other fashion industry products, vegan products are severely limited. Consequently, they will also become waste products in the foreseeable future. Even if the goods are biodegradable, only the problem of degradation with constant quantitative consumption shifts.


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Return and Exchange


We will inform you immediately after receipt of order about the delivery time of your ordered item. Depending on availability of the article, this is 3-14 working days.


Return and exchange

-      In the case of a return we ask you to proceed as follows. If you need help, we are always there for you: +49 40 63 70 89 15

-      Please return the goods within a period of at the latest 14 days to the following address: Stefan Eckert - Überseeboulevard 2 - 20457 Hamburg / Germany

-      Please pack the goods carefully for the return, similar to how you received them from Stefan Eckert. Use the protective covers provided. A refund for damaged or carried goods is excluded.

-      Please fill out the attached form for returns

-      Please affix the return address label on the outside of the package. Please remove other address labels on the outside to avoid confusion.

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